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Gastronomy and the Loire Valley in France

Everyone understands French cooking is one of the best in the planet or even ideal. With more than 365 cheeses, numerous of various wine manufacturers, foie gras, sea-food, fishes and great meat, not to mention specialties like snails, frogs’ thighs, bouillabaisse, pot-au-feu, and boeuf bourguignon, France was a paradise for individuals who like quality and… Read more »

Heavenly Goat’s Cheese Recipes From The Loire Valley

Filo-wrapped crottin de Chavignol 1 crottin de chavignol1 sheet filo pastry20g butter melted1 egg yolk1 plum tomato vinaigrette ready preparedsea salt-and-pepper to taste1 finely diced shallot3 carefully sliced basil leaves1 Valencay goat’s cheese.basil oil to decorate Preheat oven to 180C (fuel level 4). Fold the filo pastry into a square and softly butter the face… Read more »

Goat’s Cheeses of the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley provides goat’s mozzarella cheese lovers an utopia. It is a perfect area for a holiday meandering beside the Loire lake, checking out greatest historic chateaux, mozzarella cheese producers and caves for wines tasting as well as staying in a boutique chateau resort if you selected. This region try justly known as the… Read more »