Leverage Quality Logistics Service for Your Cyprus Goat Purchase

To many staff, among their most feared aspects of online buy is just the problem of delivery. This might be more severe regarding shipping of foodstuff and livestock from 1 nation to a different. Because of this, majority of livestock dealers cannot order for item from some region when you look at the Europe and Middle East. If you should be in identical plight and also have become searching for the easier and less dangerous solution to get the animals and foodstuff, fortunately your Cyprus goats dealing specialist prepared allow you to. These are generally well-trained in the logistics active in the water and land cargo of the items.
Hire professionals That learn more about Land and Sea Logistics associated with their Purchase
Whether your livestock order calls for bulk delivery or containerized shipping, you aren’t to stress since the trading experts in Cyprus are ready to make sure that your order reaches your house during the decided time. Professionals generally create perfect distribution service with their consumers from different parts of the planet through their expert and well coordinated teamwork. Because of this, you’ll be able to to get their purchase delivered to their doorstep aside from where you are on globe.
The Main Reason the reason why Most People Go To Cyprus for animals and Foodstuff Purchase
Cyprus is the country and an island primarily known for their effectiveness in livestock agriculture. There is absolutely no volume of livestock you intend to buy that you will never be able to get when you research in Cyprus. More so, the companies which are into animals trading is focused on render great and best services with their customers at any time. These and much more will be the main reasons why oodles of people from different parts of society typically go after goats from Cyprus when they need it goat.
Order For Healthy Milking Shami Goats from Cyprus at Reduced Price
The truth is that you are not planning to spend a large amount of money to choose the quality milking and shami goats you desire from Cyprus. The animals farmers are numerous in the united kingdom cause them to to make far more than requirements from people. Because of this, most of the farmers will be ready to lessen their particular price to be able to deal their particular items faster. Way more, you should buy halloumi cheese from Cyprus at reduced and competitive price through marketers in the nation.
pick Halloumi Cheese produced in Cyprus
as a result of quality of halloumi mozzarella cheese usually made by many animals marketers and farmers in Cyprus the requirements is booming from various areas of Europe. The grade of milk utilized in the planning this wonderful delicacy is manufactured out of the normally inseminated goats, sheep and sometime from cow. Probably the most interesting element of it really is that, there is absolutely no artificial preservative in this item rendering it healthy and delicious to your people at any moment in time.

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Why Goat Leather Makes an Excellent Bomber Jacket

There’s no doubt that the bomber coats tend to be popular at all times society. Its as a result of this recognition they truly are available these days in many different materials that features sets from cotton, vinyl, polyester to faux lather. The manufacturers do that considering that the original bomber jackets, that are made making use of high-quality goat leather, are pricey and from the go of an important number of people. Its this is exactly why, to lessen their cost and give a sense of wearing among the best designed jackets; manufacturers were creating all of them using different affordable products.

You will find hardly any businesses having the abilities and sources to make best Bomber coats using highest quality leather-based. There are numerous aspects that can come into count through the design and development of this system. To begin with, it is important to own just the real, top and greatest high quality fabric with the aim. Low quality fabric cannot mould correctly and will not make into an ideal bomber coat. After that, high-quality leather-based try durable, do not require maintenance and stays attractive for next years.

There is no question that all type of leather-based has their unique qualities and features. To begin with, some leather is difficult and sturdy, during the other give there are lots of which are quite flexible and smooth. It’s its various attributes which makes them perfect to be used for various functions. It really is typically seen there are many brands just who use smooth and flexible leather in order to make bomber coats. After that there are many who will be recognized for promoting jackets composed of hard and very durable and difficult leather. Both the jackets are designed and developed for optimum results for after that several years and certainly will become purchased as per their needs, requirement and taste.

Gone are the days, whenever bomber leather brands needed to search for their particular recycleables by individually going to every single merchant and checking their operations and infrastructure. It was complete to make certain that the leather providing agency can provide all of them highest quality recycleables at regular time-interval and with no fail. But in those instances it was very difficult to accomplish the contrast and look the expense of the recycleables offered by different agencies. However, time changed now equivalent production companies can purchase fabric on line, without having any stress and difficulty. It is this aspect which has substantially enhanced the output of various bomber coats manufacturing companies.

Aldan Shelette is amongst the most useful an author in writing of Indian fabric team, fabric companies and buffalo leather. He’s additionally focusing on cow separate leather-based.

Macaroni and Goat Milk

Lifestyle seems to be made from simple joy, and sometimes those easy joy synergistically incorporate to produce anything certainly desirous. Macaroni and mozzarella cheese is prime samples of perfect combinations of ingredients.

The dense wealthy taste of this mozzarella cheese tantalizes the senses although the gooeyness are squished between your teeth. The boiled macaroni noodle keeps the most perfect surface to accommodate the flavorful mozzarella cheese.

The entire process could be divided into two equal areas. The first area of the meal making procedure will likely be preparing the noodles.

This could need lots of rehearse getting appropriate, so when starting out you ought to follow guidelines exactly. Deliver a pot of liquid to a boil, after which incorporate the macaroni noodles and change heat to moderate large.

At various warms chemical compounds within chemicals break-down at different speeds, so switching the heat from the kitchen stove top will probably really replace the texture for the noodles. Keep it at method high and stir continuously.

Check occasionally to be sure the noodles tend to be squishy enough to chew easily, however therefore squishy that it feels like pudding is in the mouth area. After the noodles become completed boiling stress these with a colander and afin de them back into the pot.

Of program, today the pot should always be vacant of water. Change the warmth right down to lower such that it keeps the noodles cozy as you start combining in the more components.

Now a lot of dishes are likely to need you to become extremely concerned about the amount you add into the meal. But take a look, you would take in dairy, might consume mozzarella cheese, so just why is it necessary to feel so concerned with the amounts you add it?

The answer is you don’t; plus its best in the event that you beginning understanding how to believe with all the components you’ve got. If you realize the element’s preferences additionally the desired preferences associated with the finished items you will don’t have any problem producing a gourmet food.

Mac and mozzarella cheese are a very simple recipe, there is certainly essentially no chance you might screw it. But there is however no reason at all to-be overly concerned about the proportions you combine in to the meal.

A great guideline to go by is incorporate slowly and gradually and soon you have enough or up to you would like. Hopefully this informative article has motivated you to definitely run make some mac and mozzarella cheese, and in case it didn’t after that ideally you will be a tad bit more relaxed along with your cooking.

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Why Goat Skin Leather is primarily used to make Bomber Jackets

About select the most durable and bendable clothing product that not just catches human anatomy temperatures but in addition safeguards anyone extremely well from bitter cold outside compared to first information which will hit our mind is ‘leather’. But perhaps you have wondered from in which do the leather-based come from? Essentially, fabric isn’t just your skin of a-dead pet but it is a material which developed through the procedure for tanning of hides and skins of pets. If we change the pages of history, we shall realize that the primitive man hunted wild animals for edibles and thus he removed the hides and skins through the lifeless animal and use the exact same for tents, clothes and footwear. Nowadays furthermore we need animal skin in garments and footwear. What was changed is the tanning procedure, earlier the animal body was tanned normally but today leather tanning involves multi-step processes by experienced tanners.

However, leather are made from any sort of pet body like goats, snakes, raccoon, ostriches an such like. But leather is highly constructed from your skin of cow, buffalo, pig, tennis, calf, lamb an such like. A complete fabric production processes requires numerous stages, such as the first is preparatory stage where cover or skin are ready for tanning. Preparatory stage includes preservation, soaking, liming, tresses removing, fleshing, splitting, re-liming, de-liming, bating, degreasing, frizzing, bleaching, pickling and than de-picking. After this rigorous initial stage, tanning procedure was commenced which involves the transformation of natural cover or body into steady information which can be extremely suited to selection of high-end goods. There are plethoras of leather-based tannery providers on the market that provide high-quality real leather.

Whenever we contrast or discuss the qualities of buffalo leather with cow fabric, we’re going to find most similarities. There is a slight distinction between both in terms of thickness and versatility. Once the fibers in buffalo leather are widely-spaced and thicker hence the material offers exceptional heat adaptation. The apparels consists of buffalo fabric promote an appropriate and soothing experience throughout conditions i.e., both in summers and winters. Honestly speaking, hardly any other leather can exceed the sturdiness and toughness of buffalo leather.

Typically, buffalo fabric was tanned via traditional process that will be additionally referred to as ‘brain tanning’. The tanning process uses organic components like liver, minds, bone tissue marrow, castor as well as other oils. The method additionally involves lumber smoke. Smoking the leather-based was a conventional technique enabling leather to keep soft and supple even yet in damp problem. Buffalo conceal is an excellent choice for upholstery, bags and footwear. Throughout the world, leather-based could be the information which will be similar to top-notch, sturdiness and stylishness.

Aldan Shelette is among the better a writer in writing of Indian leather-based providers, leather-based companies and goat body leather. He’s furthermore focusing on cow split fabric.

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4 Basic Steps To Generate Argan Essential Oil Using Moroccan Tree Goat Droppings

Creating argan oils from Moroccan tree goat droppings is really faster set alongside the manual means of the removal of the oil from prepared nuts. This can be attained by comprehending for which you can locate Moroccan tree goats, looking forward to the goats to excrete the peanuts after that getting these, eliminating the shells and milling all of them, and making use of a filter appliance to attract out the delicious essential oils.

Argan oil was a really rare oils that is removed from the peanuts associated with the argan tree. Berber ladies create argan oils by milling the hard shells by hand then the removal of the seed within. Nonetheless, this technique is very lengthy and another liter of argan essential oil will take many days to weeks to come up with. An different process would be to be determined by tree goats, that will bite from the argan nuts and drop the seeds undigested as well as their droppings. The digestive regimen of those forms of creatures softens the difficult shells and puts when you look at the removal treatment less complicated. If you want to shot producing agadir argan oil from Morocco tree goat droppings, you will see these fundamental actions:

Learn where you can seek out Moroccan tree goats

Obviously, you ought to first discover where you could locate Moroccan tree goats. If you are vacationing Morocco by coach, you are going to most likely feel get to where there are several tree goats. These goats can rise on the branches associated with the argan woods and devour the seeds. It’s also advisable to try to speak to regional shepherds which locations tend to be best-known to obtain these kind of animals.

Wait for goats to expel the peanuts after that collect these

if you’re in a place where you can find argan trees along with tree goats, you could begin anticipating the nuts become excreted. The goats frequently eradicate the peanuts while standing up at the top associated with the trees. You really need to wait patiently till you recognize any waste and you’ll strat to get the peanuts within the tree. These nuts are generally how big a big earring. You may possibly and get nuts that still have their shells unchanged, but you will need to check out an tool which you can use to break all of them available because the shells can be quite hard to crack.

Get rid of the shells and mill all of them

After gathering the nuts in addition to eliminating the peanuts from shells, it is possible to work these till you have got a grayish-brown paste. Setting this resulting slather into a bowl and add some liquid towards blend. Berber women ordinarily apply mills built from stone and on occasion even red coral. You might like to see or simply ask your local females exactly how they play this kind of procedure for one to undertake they more precisely.

Utilize a filter device to obtain the edible natural oils

once you have a greasy, grayish-brown colored paste, you’re willing to get rid of the delicious essential oils. You’ll utilize a filtering equipment in order to perform this period. The particular oils you eliminate can be utilized for salads or simply breads the popular gas utilised in a lot of beauty including wellness items. The actual byproduct associated with the processes could also be used as gas for fires.

The best thing about making argan oil independently and based Moroccan tree goats is that you can save very well money and maybe time. However, the seed gotten with this procedure are known to posses a sharp odor that consequently cause them to less desirable than essential oils stated in the greater amount of traditional strategy.

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Four Simple Steps to Develop Argan Essential Oil Using Moroccan Tree Goat Waste

Creating argan oil from Moroccan tree goat droppings is in fact faster compared to the manual means of the removal of the oils from prepared nuts. This is carried out by knowledge where you can search for Moroccan tree goats, awaiting the goats to eradicate the nuts then acquiring these, removing the shells and milling them, and utilizing a filtration program device to extract the edible oils.

Argan oils is certainly a not typical oils which obtained from the nuts associated with the actual argan tree. Berber females write argan gas by milling the difficult shells manually, after that taking out fully the seeds around. But the process is obviously laborious and 1 litre of argan oil normally takes a few days and evenings to produce. An replacement processes is to take advantage of tree goats, that may eat on argan peanuts and afterwards drop the seeds undigested with their droppings. The digestion system of these types of animals softens the hard shells and produces all extraction activity less complicated. Being try creating agadir argan oil from Morocco tree goat droppings, you’ll observe these processes:

Find completely and you’ll discover Moroccan tree goats

Evidently, you need to first recognize where to seek for Moroccan tree goats. If you are vacationing Morocco by mentor, you are going to come to be taken to a spot in which there a variety of tree goats. These goats could climb onto the limbs of this argan woods and consume the seed. You’ll be able to you will need to inquire local shepherds of which regions tend to be recognised to own such creatures.

Wait when it comes to goats to eradicate the nuts and then collect these

If you are in a place where you will find argan trees and tree goats, you could begin waiting for the nuts becoming excreted. The goats typically excrete the nuts while taking a stand on top for the woods. You could wait with patience until finally your observe any spend and then you begins collecting the nuts under the tree. These nuts tend to be the size of a sizable earring. You may even gather peanuts that still have their particular shells undamaged, but you’ll likely want to discover an tool that you can use to break all of them available as the shells could be very difficult to separate.

Remove the covers also mill each of them

After getting the peanuts or taking right out the nuts from shells, you might mill these till you’ve got a grayish-brown paste. Position this resulting slather into a bowl and add some water into the combination. Berber females usually use grinders fabricated from stone or coral. You may have to observe or simply ask your local females the way in which they make this happen certain procedure so that you could attain they much more properly.

Apply a filtration system product to extract the delicious oils

Once you have a greasy, grayish-brown coloured paste, you can draw out the delicious oils. You could utilize a filtering device to finish this phase. The oils your pull may be used for salads if not breads the popular gas utilised in a lot of beauty and in addition health things. The by-product of the process may be utilized as gasoline for fires.

The good thing about producing argan oils all on your own plus counting on Moroccan tree goats is it can save you on cash and maybe time. But the seeds acquired with this techniques are known to need a sharp scent that consequently make sure they are less desirable than essential oils produced in the more standard means.

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Chicago Cubs – The Curse Of The Billy Goat

Exactly why is it that baseball is filled with curses? It is just sad that your particular preferred group cannot winnings a World Series as a result of these so-called curses that strike the group. Sometimes, it generates people question if these hexes tend to be true. Better, it seems that most baseball fanatics and people are quite superstitious when it comes to their losses.

Additionally it is funny the way the results of these curses coincide inside the time they presumably begun in addition to periods wherein the team is certainly not winning. It isn’t as if the team struggles to winnings a game title. It is only frustrating exactly how an amazing team aided by the ideal players will undoubtedly be deprived of getting into a World Series and even winnings one. Often it takes many years to raise the curse for some it never do.

Take in the outcome of the purple Sox, it took years before the got their particular tournament games. It had been perhaps not until 2004 they got their very first. The hex had been completely exorcised once they bagged their 2nd victory a year ago. Everybody believes it was a major relief for employees additionally the fans. They can now breathe because in most games they play, no supernatural phenomenon will likely be holding them return their particular winnings.

However, how about in the case of the Chicago Cubs wherein they never won a global Series? This team have additionally undergone a curse. It was due to William Sianis along with his billy goat that caused their problems period per period. This group is among the strongest contenders in MLB. Despite having a highly skilled line up, the team always loose their particular championship suits. That which was even worse is that most of their crucial players are incurring a lot of damage.

This group happens to be investing on good people and the ideal control staff that they could easily get. Where else could the group blame their losings? The group just isn’t inadequate regarding their skills. Although following the Sianis quoted “The Cubs aint gonna winnings no more.” “The Cubs wouldn’t winnings a global Series provided that the goat is certainly not allowed in Wrigley area”. the team missing and became the worst staff year after year, they made a comeback. Inside the last few years, these people were able to make they on World Series. No one are insufficient if they makes it into finals. They constantly ensure it is into number one spot within the national league championships. The past time they won a global show was back 1907-1908. Even though hex did not happen until 1945, Chicago Cubs failed to blame their loss before anything else aside from clearly loosing. Now, somebody discuss just how considerably the curse affects their particular opportunities especially when there are many interceptions in the game (like fan whom stopped among the Cubbies from catching a ball or even the successive accidents the people were incurring).

Alternatively, is-it this just psychological? Due to the anxiety the existence of these types of curse, it has undesireable effects on players causing all of them to hold back.

Freddie Brister is a massive fan of Major League Baseball therefore the Chicago Cubs. Their prefer for game of Baseball began with an older brother tossing the baseball around when you look at the garden with cousins and local company. He later on played in senior high school, university and coached senior school recreations for 25 many years, before retiring to create for recreations Fan Treasures. Check out his Chicago Cubs Merchandise.

How A Goat And The Testicles Of A God Have Influenced Skiing

The rise in popularity of snowboarding has exploded enormously because the 1970s. Unprecedented variety of men and women now take to the slopes every year to begin ski breaks. Although snowboarding possess only recently being an incredibly well-known pastime it really is rooted in Ancient Mythology.

Ski holiday breaks are first mentioned in a novel of Norse Mythology. The Prose Edda try an accumulation Icelandic poems that has been authored by Snorri Sturluson in 1220. The collection include numerous reports from Norse Mythology. The anthology is partioned into two section. The second section is named the Skaldskaparmal also it include the storyline of Skadi the snow shoe goddess.

The giantess Skadi was the child of the huge Thjazi plus the wife of Nord. The storyline follows that Thjazi ended up being killed because of the gods after he kidnapped Idunn who had been the custodian of apples that preserved youthfulness. Horrified, Skadi takes up the lady armour and tools and moves to Asgard, the place where the Gods resided, to avenge their death. The Gods become remorseful and supply Skadi the chance to decide a husband from among all of them as payment on her behalf loss. She actually is just in a position to see their legs whilst she tends to make the lady decision. She chooses a set of foot that she locates especially gorgeous and are part of the God of wind and ocean Njord.

The second part of the compensation settlement had been that the Gods had been to make Skadi laugh. This was considered seemingly impossible. The God faced with this task making the girl laugh is Loki. So as to make the lady laugh he takes a cord and ties one end regarding the cable around his testicles. Then ties the other end regarding the chord to a goat’s beard. He then proceeded to tug contrary to the goat. Whilst the two squealed Skadi couldn’t control the woman laughter and the Jesus’s obtained atonement.

Problems arose whenever newlyweds tried to setup their earliest home. Njord wished to stay near the water but Skadi cannot sit the noise of this seagulls. Skadi having said that desired to are now living in the mountains but Njord could not stay the noise associated with the wolves. Eventually the couple had been obligated to split. Skadi gone back to her hill house and spends the woman time going across the hill snowfall on skis and looking along with her bow and arrow. This is why she is known as the snowshoe goddess and certainly will be seen whilst the grandmother of skiing.

If Skadi is the grandma of skiing then the father of contemporary skiing is Sondre Norheim. Norheim are through the little Nowegian town of Morghedal known as the cradle of skiing. He pioneered the improvement of ski fittings along with his company had been the first to ever run ski institutes that taught individuals how to ski. He was a keen downhill skier and made the improvements into skiing bindings in order that he could switch much easier in the mountains. It’s enhanced the rate of which skiers can complete a slope and it has added to the rise in staff embarking on skiing holidays.

Shaun Parker has been an enthusiastic skier for several years. He shares their insights to aid advise user down on the ski breaks

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What You Must Know about Goat from Cyprus

If you are among those trying to find the greatest nation to go for livestock item, Cyprus is the best nation you must know. Simply by buying livestock in Cyprus, you are going to discover exact breed that’ll suit your needs. Way more, if you’re looking to purchase shami goats for pasteurized dairy and halloumi, you are not to border whilst the dealers in Cyprus are ready to give you a hand. The good thing about everything is the fact that the trading experts in Cyprus will be ready to help in collection of top animals with regards to their people at any moment in time. So, you are clear on getting Cyprus shami goats without dealing with trouble once you link-up with all the experienced and trustworthy dealers.
purchase Halloumi Cheese from Cyprus Made With 51per cent of Sheep and Goat Milk
Unlike the rest of European countries in which biggest part of halloumi was cow dairy, in Cyprus, this delicacy has been ready with as much as 51percent of goat and sheep dairy. That is why, the halloumi mozzarella cheese from Cyprus is much more healthful and delicious when compared with the only from other nations. It is possible to put their order with this wonderful mozzarella cheese fashioned with dairy from shami goat when you get in touch with the dealers in the nation.
Contact Cyprus animals Traders for top level high quality Halloumi Cheese
Indeed, the halloumi cheese, stated in Cyprus remains made after the conventional processes. Because of this, there’s no any style of synthetic formulation into the goods. Also, this delicacy which is ordinarily designed to endure as much as one-year without spoilage doesn’t have synthetic preservative. They’re among the main reasons why folks from some other part of European countries are going to Cyprus once they need it this excellent mozzarella cheese. Planning to Cyprus because of this item will offer you odds of buying freshly prepared dairy mozzarella cheese from respected company in the nation.
The Simpler solution to purchase Cyprus Goats through Internet
You need-not pass through any style of concerns for you to buy the sort or strain of Cyprus goats you desire any moment in time. This is due to the ability on most marketers that will help you in your shopping as well as ensure that you see their purchased goats at assented time. Because of this, it is possible to link up with the marketers when you wish purchase any animals you would like from Cyprus. Almost all of the entrepreneurs is also local of one’s nation rendering it possible for them to understand the best sort of animals which will most useful suit your.
Shop Round for Best Livestock Trading business in Cyprus
You might find challenging understanding the best marketer to contact for animals acquisition in Cyprus. This can be due to the position of many companies which can be into creation of animals item just like the halloumi mozzarella cheese from Cyprus and others. Therefore, the easier way for you to pick many reputable and reputable company should have a look at suggestions of individuals concerning the company. You will find completely more info on comments of every providers just at your convenience with your net device.

Get a hold of more info relating to Halloumi mozzarella cheese from cyprus, and ماعز شامي قبرصي right here.

Goat Secure fencing – the Protected Shelter for Goats

Nation dwellers gain benefit from the enjoyable expertise of raising goats. They anticipate retain goats while cats and dogs and obtain the particular meat and dairy at their store. E-commerce of increasing goats is simple much less expensive when compared with increasing of various other wildlife just like cattle and buffalos.

Important aspects of Gedehegn
Gedehegn is essential to keep the goats limited to 1 place and also to maintain the wildlife aside. Goat fence will even help safeguard the particular close by plants and bushes from your own goats. This Cattle fence could keep the children from the certain goats.

This Gedehegn must certanly be popular with offer safety the goats. Protected fencing should be done within huge areas to allow for the particular proceed freely and graze around. Any covered area inside fence should be supplied to stop the cattle by really serious heat and winter and down pours. Cleanness around and to the fence try certainly an crucial work to ensure the regarding goats.

Types of Gedehegn
Goat fence can be carried out along side many different equipment. Safe fencing should be done with high lessons components and cracked wall space needs to be changed immediately. It can be better to trade a small section in comparison to exchanging the primary wall surface.

Industry Fencing- the most typical sort of fence the cattle is to utilize woven line that will be affixed with precious metal posts. It is a reliable wall yet a bit high-priced. It’s some toes considerable wall surface with a power range which is concerning 12 inches earlier mentioned the floor. That is competent at preventing little and larger goats.

Cattle cells 60 feet significant cattle cells installed along side managed to graduate spacing create a great fence for goats. The superior section may be covered with a sequence of electric line and maintain the particular big cattle out and woven range should be invest the paid off part for small goats.

Electric line- Gedehegn made of electric-powered range was high priced, however is amongst the ideal kinds of fence. This rod with top will pay to your particular potential predators out as well as the goats in to the wall surface.
Cycle web page link fence can be a considerably more secure yet more expensive sort of Gedehegn. That’s the perfect fence for more compact goats, maintaining the sick and tired writing implements as well as reproduction goats.

Wooden and rare metal fence is the typical type of for Gedehegn. There is bed rails of precious metal or maybe wooden that is refrigerated to a dimension where goats can’t ease from them. Similarly most of these elements are perfect and beneficial to build a wall the goats.

Gedehegn has to feel inside a huge area for cattle to transfer about easily. There should be the covered region so that you can shelter this goats by solar, rain and strong ages. Especial consideration has to be fond of protect both the tiny and better cattle. Small versions can slip from divots in the bottom on the wall. The bigger variations can jump out of the surface associated with wall if the height will not be enough. There are many kinds of components for fence stated earlier to-be a guideline to choose the type of wall surface essential. Whatsoever may be the alternative it is vital never to skimp concerning the calibre of the specific wall space?

This short article provided by author on behalf of Nordjysk Hegn og Sikring. They’re well-known for Gedehegn (Goat fence) & Hegn til geder (Fence for goats) in Denmark.