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    Our History
    Zhejiang Jinhua New Material Co. Ltd’sprecursor is Zhejiang Jinhua Chemical Co. Ltd. was founded in December 2007.
    The initial capital is RMB 30 million.ZhejiangJinhua New Material Co. Ltd. is a joint venture by Zhejiang Unite Invent Industrial Development Co. Ltd. and Juhua Group Corporation, and it devotes itself to developing, producing fine chemical products.
    In June 2009, in order to better participate in international and domestic competition,enhance the image of the company and promote future development, the company increased endowment and changed its name andtype to Zhejiang Jinhua New Materials Co. Ltd., at the same time, the registered capital extended to RMB 70 million.Scope of Business: producing butanone oxime、vinyl isobutyl ether、epichlorohydrin resins、solid hydroxylamine sulfate and so on, marketing, technology developmentand services.
    Zhejiang Jinhua New Materials Co. Ltd located in Quzhou High-Tech Industrial Park Sino-Russian High-tech Zone,It is next to Juhua Group Corporation, which isthe oversize state-owned enterprise, the largest fluorine chemical industry base and the largest chemical industrial base inZhejiangProvince. Here transportation is convenient, the public and auxiliary facilities are perfect.
    The company has domestic advanced technology and resource superiority, and it devotes itself to the research and manufacture of high-techproducts. The application of high-tech achievements in production is constantly been enhanced, which make the company has inherent capacity for growth and development in organic chemical industry and fine chemical industry.With the introduction and absorption of new techniques, The company will focus on industrial upgrading, green environmental protective, lowering production cost for efficiency, and gradually achieve the goal of making thecompany bigger and stronger.
    Our Product
    Hydroxylamine series products
    Silane series products
    Ketoxime series products
    Other series products
    Product Application
    Please refers to the main products introduction.
    Our Certificate
    The company has ISO9001 quality management system certificate , ISO14001 environment management system certificate,GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certificate.
    Production Equipment
    Ethyl methyl ketoxime: 15,000 ton/year
    Acetaldehyde oxime: 2,000 ton/year
    Hydroxylamine sulfate: 5,000 ton/year
    Hydroxylamine hydrochloride: 2,000 ton/year
    Methyltris(methylethylketoxime)silane(MOS): 10,000 ton/year
    Isobutyl vinyl ether: 2,500 ton/year
    Our Service

    ISO9001 quality management system certificate ISO14001 environment management system certificate GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certificate wholesale Guanidine Nitrate (1:1)

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