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    Negative pressure weighing room
    I. Equipment application
    Weighing room is a special dedicated workshop for sampling, weighing and analysis in pharmaceutical, microbial research and scientific experiment sites, etc., which can avoid spread of dust and dust in the work places beyond operating areas and protect operators from inhaling operating items as a kind of special purification equipment for control of dust floating. It provides a vertical unidirectional airflow, with a part of the clean air circulating in the workspace, while the other part discharged to the adjacent area, so as to make negative pressure produced in the workspace to prevent cross contamination and guarantee high cleanliness of work environment. Dust and reagent weighing and packaging in the equipment can control spillover and rise of dust and reagent, prevent danger to human body from inhalation of dust and reagent, avoid cross contamination of dust and reagent and ensure safety of the outside environment and personnel inside. Weighing operation area is protected by grade A or grade B vertical laminar flow, which can comply with the new GMP standard.
    II. Structure features:
    It is designed with system touch-screen control, and the control panel is located in the front of the interior workspace of the equipment with simple operation, which can control fan start and stop as well as lighting switch, adjust operating conditions of the fan and air speed required in the workspace. Differential pressure gauge can test resistance of filter, and there is air exhaust adjustment panel on the side of air supply box, which can adjust the exhaust air volume in a reasonable range.
    III.Technical performance
    1. Cleanness level: conform to the new standards
    2. Average wind velocity for air-out fracture surface (adjustable or constant)
    3. Illuminance
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