The Pope Lick Monster

A teenager performing on a dare was trying to get across the Norfolk Southern railroad trestle over Pope Lick Creek, in Fisherville part of Louisville, Kentucky. Looking down from dizzying 100 foot trestle he would start to see the burbling water associated with the Pope Lick Creek. On a warm sunshiney day, the trestle would seem therefore harmless…so quiet…so guiltless associated with loss of lots of people. Due to the fact Jefferson County try hilly and wooded, the acoustic associated with region helps it be difficult to hear an oncoming train. You can expect to only see the train when it’s already above the trestle. The trestle does not have any walkways and ledges. It can bring about 10 minutes for a train to pass through the trestle.

Add to your vibration associated with speeding train. It would be impossible to hang on from railroad ties. One trapped in the railroad would either be rundown because of the train or face their death by leaping over the trestle. So what does this little info about a train trestle need to do with all the Pope Lick Monster, the animal possess used this location to lure people to their death.

Sightings associated with the Pope Lick monster started in belated 1940s and early 1950s. It had been said that a half guy half Capra Aegagrus Hircusgoat (a goat) haunts the trestle. The human being goat hybrid is seen to possess a grotesquely deformed human body of a person, have effective fur covered goat legs, an alabaster skinned face with an aquiline nose and wide-set vision. Quick, razor-sharp horns protrude from forehead and nestled by long greasy hair that matched along with associated with the fur in the legs.

The pope lick monster lures their victims making use of hypnotherapy. He could be identified to mimic sounds. The target would hear the sound of a loved one asking for assist regarding train trestle at night. Drawn to the sound and centered on assisting the loved one, the target cannot notice the approaching train and would be either run down or plunge the 100 foot level to his death. The beast has additionally been proven to strike a victim using a blood stained rusty axe. However, the monster prefers to harass its sufferers by pelting these with stones and creating troubling noises. It derives sadistic pleasures in terrorizing individuals who have the misfortune of visiting their domain.

The origin regarding the pope lick monster was never verified. It was stated that the beast is the end result associated with perverted bond between a farmer and a goat. Other individuals will say that monster had been a circus panic to wreak vengeance to the people who have been cruel to him.

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