Wine and Cheese Pairings Part 1

As one of Temecula’s best wineries, Ponte Vineyard Inn and Winery knows that wine and mozzarella cheese are a couple of of lifestyle’s greatest cooking delicacies and choosing and generating the most perfect suits involving the two may be a truly tasty undertaking. Like any other wines and items pairings, there are certain issues to take into consideration like: surface, acidity, fat and tannin. With wine and mozzarella cheese pairings, the options is endless, but it is really the experimentation section of they that’s the absolute most enjoyable. To help keep issues quick, we now have gone ahead simplified the wine pairing technique by dividing cheeses into four biggest groups:

1. Bloomy cheeses – creamy, velvety and decadent cheeses that feature a soft rind.

2. Rough cheeses – Stiff or hard cheeses which can be quite often razor-sharp as well as salty. These cheeses can certainly be aged.

3. Blue cheeses – they are pungent and in most cases salty cheeses that function a blue tinge.

4. Fresh cheeses – they’re soft, sometimes additional spreadable cheeses, having a propensity to be tangy or moderate. These kind of cheese tend not to be aged.

The most basic guideline to bear in mind whenever wines pairing is less heavy wines usually go definitely better with less heavy ingredients heavier wines usually get ideal with weightier meals. To help you, our Temecula resort and winery features built an easy and extremely tasty wine pairing that you could start their wine sampling down with.

1. Delicious Goat Cheese and a Light Dry wines – goat cheese have a delightful natural and moderate taste utilizing the slightest little tang to their chew. This spreadable mozzarella cheese will often period become labeled as “chevre”, which can be a French word for goat. In the same way their title recommends, these cheeses are produced from goat’s milk and it is a popular among artisanal cheese makers.

Suggested wines pairing – decide to try pairing goat mozzarella cheese with a wonderful Beaujolais, a dry gleaming wines or a good Sauvignon Blanc

Maximize flavor – goat cheeses go great with Concord red grapes as his or her sweet acidity suits the mozzarella cheese nicely. Also grape jelly tastes great with goat cheese. More great pairings add: figs, dates, honeycomb, apples, and pears all of which are superb fresh, dried or as a jelly.

This is merely among the many great wine and cheese pairings to have pleasure in. In each of our future blog sites, we are exhibiting additional great wines and mozzarella cheese pairings that one may test yourself. As one of the finest Temecula motels and wineries, Ponte loves the notion of great wines, great items and great options. For more information on our Temecula hotel and be sure to check out or today where you are able to explore our winery and resort plus read up on great recipes, occasions and pairings.

Ponte Vineyard Inn try a Temecula resort and winery. Unlike various other Temecula hotels, the Ponte Vineyard Inn is located inside the heart of Temecula’s wines country. Visit nowadays to find out more and to book your keep.

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