10 Traditional Jamaican Foods

There is certainly much more to Jamaica that simply the songs of Bob Marley and reggae. Great as the tunes is, Jamaica does indeed need much more available. A terrific way to understand the traditions of Jamaica, or any community even, is by its cuisine. Therefore lets have a look at exactly what Jamaica has to offer the palate.

Ackee & Saltfish

This basic of Jamaican eating plan is suitable for morning meal, meal or diner; while you might want to focus on diner if you’re maybe not fond of fish for break fast. Ackee try a fruit, that has been taken to Jamaica from Africa before 1778. Parts of the Ackee fresh fruit were poisonous, so that it should not be ingested natural (its completely safer when prepared). This standard dish is normally offered with dumplings, tough dough breads or breadfruit.

Curried Goat

This meal originated in India, but ended up being built-into Jamaican cooking several years back. If you choose a mild curry, this can be simply the meal your seek. Although you can still obtain it hot if you want, the meal was made much more delicate the Jamaican palate. Potatoes, rice or plantains are generally supported with this dish.

Mackerel Run Down

This meal was an entire salted mackerel which has been simmered in coconut milk with onions, tomatoes, thyme, scallions and hot peppers. Some variations is supported with boiled bananas. This is traditional Jamaican cooking at its better.

Cornmeal Pudding

This traditional Jamaican dessert is dependent on a British type of dessert planning. It’s a delicious mixture of cornmeal, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, raisins and, periodically, rum. This heavy yet moist pudding is a goody for the tastebuds. Cornmeal plays a sizable component into the Jamaican eating plan and that is wonderful if you are an admirer from it.

Beef Patty

For people who like pastries, the Jamaican meat patty is a must shot. This fantastic, flaky shelled handle is found filled with number of herbs, meat as well as other treats. The golden color of the pasty comes due to using turmeric. Like cornmeal pudding earlier mentioned, this can be an adaptation of Uk turnover pastry.


A Bammy is a cassava flat-bread that discovers its origins in cooking methods of 1st folks of Jamaica, the Arawak. The cassava, or yucca, had been typically the primary ingredient of the loaves of bread. These days, one is as more likely to see this loaves of bread being produced from flour as cassava, which tends to make it inexpensive and less work intensive to create. It’s quite common to thaw frozen bammys, drench them in coconut milk and fry all of them.

Rice & Peas

This dish was right up there with Ackee and Saltfish as a mainstay in Jamaican eating plan. This dish is usually offered on Sundays, yet not solely. Even though there could be no meat inside dish, the mixture of rice and legumes types a total protein. Having said that, it’s very common to find this dish paired up with chicken.


No, perhaps not the musical team, but rather a form of dessert (it is pronounced “toeto”). Coconut, cinnamon and nutmeg, were top features of this creamy, heavy, and rich cake. Numerous may recall earliest hearing about it whenever Chris Tucker’s personality mentions it within the hit movie rush-hour 2.

Bulla Cake

Bulla dessert, that will be also called bulla bread, was a rich dessert made with nutmeg, ginger and molasses. The dessert may either become light or dark in features and usually looks like a tiny round loaf. This meal try a large hit with schoolchildren and is happily most inexpensive to create. It’s followed by avocado, cheese or butter.


This little handle has a silly preparation for a dessert. Its a sweet cornmeal dumpling, that is covered with banana leaves and boiled. Various other common formulation integrate brown glucose, coconut and spices, and cornmeal. This dessert could be discover beneath the brands duckunoo, duckanoo, tie-a-leaf and blue compartments (draws).

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