The most commonly asked question we hear is simply, why?

Why milk camels? Why invest many skilled and private time and resources, fully amendment yourself, move to an outsized, tough residential property wherever you’ll be able to toil away at a “pet” project which you do not know is also marketable?
The answer is after its required due to it’s is done as a result of in alternate countries over the oceans, grownups and youngsters high in a sizable sort of maladies and inflammatory bowel ailments, crohn’s, syndrome and polygenic condition are finding relief and reduced their warning signs with natural camel’s milk.
We don’t appear to be experts. We have a tendency to aren’t filled with nor have young ones saturated in some of those diseases nevertheless everybody knows people who region product. Everyone knows folks whoever kid’s room product and that we area unit operating to search out a way to help all of them obtain camel’s dairy.
1) Awareness and education. We tend to do stretch lots and lots of stretch. Through live displays, paper posts, television appearances and magazine articles, we have a tendency to educate most people concerning the marvel of the marvelous animals plus the sides of the dairy.
2) Viable retail item. What practical are milking a lot of camels if you fail to take action with the dairy however? That’s exactly what 10dency towed tend to expected ourselves ten years past. Gil developed the thought of building even-toed ungulate milk detergent. Supported a changed goat’s dairy instructions with special steps to steadfastly keep up the fragile characteristics of the camel’s milk, our even-toed ungulate dairy detergent (made below regarding the farm in very own kitchen area) presently offers around the globe. All things are completed below from the farm.
3) access till we usually begun the Oasis even-toed ungulate farm, camel’s milk was not quickly on the market within united states. Though you can find a unit a huge number of camels residing The united states, nobody had taught all of them to provide their particular milk on a everyday. Now, any research should come back again to usa and be furnished the dairy they will have for research.
We now have four camels trained to share their milk with US. We have 3 plenty of starting coaching this spring once they wanted their particular calves. Our objective is possess twenty females with a mean of 10 milking annually.
4) Creating natural Camel’s Milk in the marketplace to those who want to buy. The legislation concerning the public purchase of milk area product very demanding. However, people WHO obtain camels will wrongfully take in their camel’s dairy. consequently Gil hence i get to elegant modern, natural camel’s milk whenever we often including. People forever increase usa exactly what it tastes like… ours tastes like very modern, carefully sweet zero fat cow’s milk. Like with any milk, design will amendment searching on what your pet are feeding.
It are sluggish and exhausting and uncertain… nevertheless it’s therefore enriching to be a neighborhood of 1 thing contemporary and brand-new and completely different and great.

Desert Farms, Our objective is always to highlight camel milk as nature’s most healthy dairy beverage, to get on the hump if you want, naturally.

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